For the eShop

Comarch MobileID can also be used to increase the level of security in internet shops. It can also serve as a source of strong end user authentication and for administrators who receive access to the panel of privileged users.

In a typical implementation for an internet shop, a model is used in which the client utilizes a shared server installation of a part of the solution. The creator of the eCommerce solutions gains a large set of API functions to choose from, which allow the verification of oneoff codes as well as supporting all the phases in the user's account life. Using API it is possible to register the user in the system as well as carry out operations connected with the account (e.g. changing the PIN). When using the Comarch MobileID solely as a system which controls access to the administrative part of the internet shop, it may be useful to use the online console, made accessible by Comarch, to carry out any operations connected to account management.

In order to guarantee the right level of security of such a model, access to API is secured with the help of mechanisms from the SSL from both sides. Every client who decides on this model of authentication receives a certificate created by Comarch and a set of libraries which allow simple API functions that are made accessible as Web Service methods. The libraries are available in PHP language versions, Java and .NET platforms.

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