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Comarch MobileID is a token used to generate oneoff passwords for a mobile devices. It is currently available as a dedicated solution for iPhone, Android and Windows systems. It also functions on the Java platform. From the security point of view it is important that the application can operate in oneoff password or challenge-response modes. This allows Comarch MobileID to be used during the login process as well as to authorize transaction data. The platform installation process is as user friendly as possible. For the Java platform, the user submits his mobile phone number during the registration. A WAP-PUSH text message is sent to the number automatically. This allows the application to be downloaded with a single click. For iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile versions the application is downloaded from distribution centers of the given platform. For the iPhone this is the App Store, for Android – Android Market, whereas for phones with the Windows Mobile system, the application is installed from the Windows Marketplace. Additionally for Windows Mobile, it is possible to send the HTTP link to the application via text message.

Comarch MobileID is designed to be used in solutions where oneoff password tokens or text messages are currently being used. In comparison to devices which generate passwords, its main advantage is no costs connected with purchasing the device, its distribution and maintenance. The economic advantage of Comarch MobileID over text messages comes from the fact that authorization operations do not require the extra cost of sending text messages. Moreover, if the application is used in the internet banking, it guarantees a higher level of security through the use of the challenge-response mode and connecting the authorization data with the transaction data.

It should be stressed that owing to flexible models of implementation and integration, Comarch MobileID may be also used in places where weaker authentication methods, such as the password for example, were previously used. In this case the system significantly increases the general level of security by delivering a strong method of authentication. The token can easily be integrated with solutions such as authentication to VPN tunnels, securing access to internet shops or the verification of internal company application users.

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