Comarch MobileID

Comarch MobileID is a token of oneoff passwords realized as an application for a mobile device. Thanks to the token one can increase the security of the available applications in a simple manner. The product delivers a strong method of authentication based on two factors “that which the user already has” – a phone with the installed application and “that which he knows” – the PIN to the system. Owing to flexibility of the integration mechanisms, Comarch MobileID may be used as an authentication mechanism for internet banking as well as a proof of identity when accessing VPN, internet shops and even applications used within the company.

The token is currently available as a dedicated program for the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile systems as well as an application which functions on the Java platform.

Comarch MobileID is a product which links a high level of security, flexibility and low cost for the end user.

We cordially invite you to become familiar with a detailed description of our solution.